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Learn to read your dog!

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Do you know how to read canine body language? Do you understand when he tries to tell you he’s stressed or submissive or ready for fun-time? Can you tell the difference between excitement and fear, or between aggression and the need to play?

Canine body language can be confusing, but with the help of Dog Decoder, you’ll understand your dog’s signals like a pro.

Our Dogs Are Always Communicating

There are about SIXTY different poses on display in Dog Decoder. Each pose is beautifully and expressively illustrated by one of the world’s top dog artists.

Each pose comes with a diagram, pointing out where on your dog’s body he’s indicating how he’s feeling. For example, in the poses for “fear,” the diagram will point out the tucked tail, ears pulled back, etc. We won’t just show you a picture of a scared dog — we’ll teach you what to look for, the specific signs of fear.

Each pose also comes with a helpful description of the context. This is where you will learn about some common misconceptions, or what kinds of situations will cause your dog to assume each posture.

Meet Diamond

Meet Diamond, your friendly host and trainer! He’s a star dog-actor, and he’s here to show you everything you need to know about canine body language. Yes, this is a dog-training app, but it’s YOU that’s getting trained!

Diamond will take you through dozens and dozens of dog “postures” — situations that express his many emotions. You’ll see all the different ways Diamond knows how to tell his owner how he’s feeling.

You won’t just see the postures. We’ll also take you through the details of each posture: what’s happening with Diamond’s ears, his head, his tail, his tongue.

We’ll also discuss the context for each posture — the situation in which Diamond might hold his body like that. Or how you might easily mistake this posture for another.


The TeamContact Us

Jill Breitner has been teaching clients about the nature of dogs—their energy and their body language—for over thirty-five years. Her passion is coaching owners in the leadership skills needed to create joyful and respectful relationships between people and animals.

Her main form of training now is both virtual and seminars. She is teaching people about canine body language via Skype sessions and workshops in veterinary practices, shelters and elementary schools.

Jeff Bellsey does technology. Winner of multiple Webby awards, he divides his time between building web sites, finding creative ways to use technology to enable spirited wakefulness, and playing his fretless bass.

He is a proud cat person.

Lili Chin is a professional artist, illustrator, and animator. Founder of Doggie Drawings, Lili produces dog portraits and infographics for dog lovers, dog trainers, product packaging, posters, and books. She also does animation for film, tv, and the web.

Her terrier (and muse) Boogie is featured in most of her artwork, and has his own blog.